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Suns Sign Gordan Giricek

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According to East Valley Tribune, Gordan Giricek is now officially a Sun.

Welcome to our pity party team, Gordan!

Seriously, kudos to the young man for sticking to his guns in all this. Here's a hypothetical conversation I'm hoping will take place in the Suns locker room today:

GG: Hey everyone! Why so gloomy?

Nash: Well, you may have read about it in the papers, things aren't going so well right now. I can't seem to get a handle on this, turnovers are up, defense is down, the losses are piling up. Everybody hates us now.

GG: Are you kidding me??? You're a two-time MVP! You can get the ball to anybody, any time, and when you can't get the ball to anybody, you can knock it down right between the eyes! You're the reason I wanted to play on this team!

Nash: Thanks, man. You just made my day. [Proceeds to lay about 20 assists on the Blazers while torching Steve Blake with 20 points of his own. All starters in double-figures, Suns win by 30.].

[Update 3:00PM MT]: Well worth the wait is Paul Coro's AZ Republic article on the signing, featuring some nice quotes from Giricek, as well as confirming that he will indeed be with the team tonight and is even expected to play.

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