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Bagging On Bagging On Bagging

For those of us watching last night's game via League Pass, there was one enormous silver lining to the Suns' flat second half: At least it got the Blazers' announcers talking about their own team instead of bagging on Suns fans. Seriously, what was the point? They basically spent the entire first half of the game carrying on (and on and on and on) about Suns fans "hopping off the bandwagon" too soon. So, I'm sitting there thinking...

  1. Why is this any of their business?
  2. Is there any team in the league whose fans wouldn't be upset if their team went from legit contender to "let's just hope we make the playoffs" in the span of two weeks?
  3. Why would Blazer fans care about this?
  4. Most importantly, what does this have to do with the Blazers starting the game cold?
I mean really, come on. I'll be the first to admit that some of us (cough*me*cough) may have gotten a little too negative this week. Bright Side of the Sun has sounded more like Black Hole After the Supernova Exploded lately. Perhaps we should have shown the team a little more support after all the fun times they've brought us these past few years. Maybe they've earned at least that much. But again, why should the Blazers announcers care about that? Why should Blazer fans care about that? I'd be willing to bet that League Pass Suns fans weren't the only ones happy to hear the in-game chat get back to the game at hand once the Blazers picked it up in the second half. So, consider this me bagging on the announcers for bagging on Suns fans for bagging on our team. Enough already!

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