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Dialog with the Enemy

A debate was sparked a few months ago during the presidential debates when one candidate (the one Greg Oden and Steve Nash endorsed) called for dialog with our enemies. Other leaders, like the one that currently stalks the White House, disagree.

Here at BSoS we believe that talking to your enemies is a good thing so we exchanged questions with Jazz blog My Utah Jazz.

And now that we checked the "diplomacy box" we hope to come out tonight and bomb the Jazz into the stone age!

Ed Note: Any political views expressed here are not intended to represent those of the publisher, editor or my mother. They are mine and mine alone. Bombs away!

1) As a former bandwagon Jazz fan (I lived in SLC during the 97-99 finals run) I know all about the small town complex that runs down from the Wasatch with the melting snow. So who do you hate more - Denver or Sacto?

Denver no contest. We recently did a poll here at My Utah Jazz asking fans who their most hated team was. It was an overwhelming response in favor of Denver.

Perhaps it's the whole our mountains are better than yours, our snow is better, our little place stuck in the middle of nowhere is better than yours thing. Being division rivals doesn't help. The big factor to me is the polar opposites that are the Jazz and McNuggets (I've committed to calling them that all season). Utah plays an organized team first game, where Denver is all about headbands, cornrows, and chest thumping.

I'll stop now because there are more questions, but I really hate Denver...and they really hate us. Ask Nugg Doctor.

Ed note: See, it really is all about the game. When I was in SLC it was the Kings that were most hated b/c they were a good team and Denver sucked

2) Recently the NBA experienced an unfortunate outbreak of Euro v Euro violence when Dirk collared AK47. Do you think this is:

b) the start of a trend that will have Gasol and Bargani throwing down next week
c) an unfortunate accident where a 7ft out of control German unable to bend his arm backwards and avoid pulling him down thereby not deserving of a suspension at all
I would love to see more Euro on Euro violence. We just might see round two tonight when Giricek and Memo meet in the paint. When Giricek was with Philly, Memo gave him a hard foul resulting in a Flagrant 1. Let's cross our fingers for more.

These Euro fights are always good because there are cuss words in 2 different languages followed by a lot of bad english pleading their cases to the refs, and horribly translated trash talk.

The Dirk/AK incident was unfortunate. I didn't think it was that bad when I saw it. I've seen it replayed and I know a lot of Jazz fans were upset.

My colleague Booner had a great article on the situation.

Larry H. Miller (owner of the Jazz) was on the radio and said he called the NBA and wanted Dirk to be suspended until AK was back on the court, but they denied his request. Dirk is not that kind of guy in my opinion. Perhaps there is some bad Euroleague blood there.

Ed Note: Larry Miller is a tool

3) What's the best way for the Suns to defend Okur and Boozer with Amare and Shaq? I have no clue how the Suns going to do that so maybe you wouldn't mind helping out with some tips.

It depends on which Okur we see. If it's the outside shooting Okur I would put Amare on him and let Shaq take Boozer.

If we see Memo taking it to the rim (which won't happen with Shaq in the paint) I would have Shaq give him one hard foul and Okur will be camping on the three point line all night.

As for Boozer, you can't give him any space to shoot his jumper. He is way too good at that 15 footer. The defender has to come out and meet him and play physical. Boozer has had some troubles as of late taking it to the rim. He doesn't shoot nearly the amount of free throws that he should. He's starting to fall in love with his jump shot. Put him on the line and make him earn them.

Ed Note: I will be very impressed if Shaq can really stay w/ Boozer but I think this is a tough match-up for us when teams can pull Amare from the paint and a legit scorer with outside game and moves can go at Shaq

4) We just signed Gordon Giracek. What did we really get besides some eye candy for my wife (since she has to get that from TV)?

You got a decent a theme park. Giricek was a cancer here. I think you found a guy who if he hits his first 2 shots, will have 14 quick points, and if he misses his first 2, he'll go 1-8. Super streaky.

One of my favorite moments as a Jazz fan was watching a half time special of Giri going to a local boys club and talking to the young thugs about how tough it was to grow up in Croatia on the streets. Imagine Michael Scott with a white bandana around his head tied on the side, a wife beater, and a white sweatshirt tied around his waist. Yeah it was that bad. The kids ate it up though so good for him to go and spend time with them.

As for eye candy? You'll find out how good looking he is and what a good dresser he is when his "shin splints" start coming back.

Ed Note: Zagreb is no Dubrovnik

5) Right back at ya: If you had to create an All-Star starting 5 out of the Jazz and Suns, who do you take at what position and why. Also, a coach and 6th man (must be a bench player).

PG-Nash. I know, I'm a homer and should take Deron, but I love Nash. Really hard to not go with Deron because of his play the past two weeks. This has to be one of the most difficult decisions in the league. Nash is the only PG I would take over Deron.

SG-Brewer. The guy is a street sweeper. He picks up every garbage shot and turns it into a dunk. Watch him tonight as he comes baseline and just sneaks right under the hoop for an easy layup. I'm guaranteeing at least 3 of those tonight.

SF-AK. I love Hill at this position as well, but AK has all around ability, and you won't need him to score with this squad. One of the best SF passers in the NBA, if not THE best. I still drink Sprite you know.

PF-Boozer. Pure animal. Apparantly bull dog/grizzly bear growth hormone injections are not tested for in the NBA. One of the best rebounders and paint players in the league. Lethal with both hands. Jump shot is very consistant.

C-Amare. Perhaps the most explosive player in the league. I would give anything to see him play with Boozer for a full season.

6th man-Barbosa. Another guy I want the Jazz to overpay to get. Only Ginoboli is better off the bench in my opinion.

Coach-Sloan. I hate to say it because I think most Jazz fans are a little tired of him. He is consistant. He is "old school" (whatever that means). He doesn't let players run the team. Jerry is the head of any team he coaches.

Ed Note: Sprite?

6) Why can't the Jazz win on the road? My theory is they get out of Utah and are at some fancy hotel and they go outside and there are real live bars. That are open. And serve. Without a club card. And they go nuts. Its kind of like the Mormon girls that leave BYU and end up pregnant and unmarried and working at Walmart. Ok, I made that up but you get the point.

You mean the Jazz would do something like this?

I don't know what it is. Nothing in this world boggles my mind more. Last year they were a good road team. I just can't figure it out. You're asking a blog that is PRO Utah. We love our state...and our women.

It's been fun guys. I think we are in for a treat tonight. My prediction: Jazz 114, Suns 110 (with Korver sealing the deal in free throws at the end)

Ed Note: Thanks to the good people (and women) at My Utah Jazz. Now prepare to die.

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