Nash: The Monthly Invoicing

A month-by-month analysis of Steve Nash's season so far

I posted on my blog this, just to show Nash is still playing is A+ game every night

Somehow, during this season, I got the idea that Nash was having a so-so season, possibly not in line with expectations nor with his previous performance as the Suns PG. I decided to have a look at the numbers.

Steve Nash season so far looks like this: GP 73 MPG 34.7 PPG 17.2 APG 11.2 TO 3.70 3P% 0.48 while his Suns career stats are MPG 35 PPG 17.6 APG 11.2 TO 3.6 3P% 0.45.

Nash is in line with his past performance and shooting the best of his career from 3-point range. So, could you please bring back those MVP MVP chants?

Here's a statistical recap of Steve Nash's performance, on a monthly basis.

November (too many turnovers, but a great moth)
GP 16, MPG 34.3, PPG 19.5, APG 10.9, TO 4.2, 3P% 0.50

December (great passing month)
GP 15, MPG 34.5, PPG 13.9, APG 14, TO 2.8, 3P% 0.40

January (another excellent month)
GP 15, MPG 33.7, PPG 18.6, APG 10.5, TO 4.3, 3P% 0.49

February (too many turnovers in the toughest month of the season for the Suns)
GP 11, MPG 36.4, PPG 17.7, APG 10.3, TO 4.6, 3P% 0.43

March (adjusting to the Shaq era)
GP 16, MPG 35.3, PPG 17.5, APG 9.8, TO 3, 3P% 0.56

In case you wonder, here are Nash's stats in the post Shaq era: GP 21, MPG 35.2, PPG 17.5, APG 9.6, TO 3.1, 3P% 0.52

So, Steve is playing is usual great game. There's not much talk lately about Nash since everyone is focusing on Shaq and Stoudemire. Only dangerous sign is playing time, I'd rather se Nash play under 34 minutes a game trying to rest him a little before the playoffs, since the Suns failed once again to develop a back up PG.