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The Reign of Terror Ends - Suns Smelt Spurs 96 - 79

Tonight its official. Order has been restored. I don't mean that the Suns have finally shown that they are better then San Antonio. No, I mean that in the world of professional basketball team play reliant on different guys doing different things but all contributing on both ends of the floor has once again achieved dominance over the muck it up game that San Antonio has relied on for too long.

Tonight signaled the end. Be it the Jazz, Hornets or Lakers or our beloved Suns - the Spurs are done. They can no longer win with two or even three guys carrying all the scoring load. As great as their defense is, the game has passed them by. The best teams have too many ways to score to be held in the 80's and the Spurs have too few ways to score more then that.

Good night mittens.
Good night socks.
Good night cow that jumped over the moon.
Good night Spurs.

The Suns did it tonight with balance. Everyone stepped up big at one time or another. The Suns simply overwhelmed the Spurs and dominated the game from the 2nd quarter on. I would like to say it was a great win over a great team, but I just don't respect the Spurs enough anymore to do that. The Suns might not beat Utah or the Lakers or even the young Hornets in the playoff's but its hard to see how they lose to the Spurs.

I know, I know. Don't count them out. They are just laying low waiting to rise from the dead and eat our hearts.

Not this time. Not unless David Robinson and Sean Elliot have been resurrected from retirement. Not unless Steve Kerr, Vinnie Del Negro and Sean Marks are Manchurian Candidates Cylon sleeper agents who's programming is set to trigger a locker room massacre.

More on the actual game tomorrow.

Tonight, I go to sleep knowning that our lives are just a little bit brighter. That trees can grow and birds can sing and wars will end and oil will flow freely once more....That my children can grow up in world without Spurs basketball.

And by the way, I love it when you spend all day hating on the other team and a group of freakishly talented professional athletes that happen to wear your home town colors comes out and stands up for guys like me blogging in pajama's from their momma's basement. That's when you know there's justice in the world.

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