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Live Blogapalooza: Suns v Rockets

Welcome to the first even Bright Side of the Sun Live Blog using real Live Blog software!

This box you are seeing is very easy to use. Its just like an instant messenger. I, your humble moderator will type in my comments on my end (momma's basement in my pajama's) and you will have the distinct pleasure of reading my every thought.

And in a first ever internets experience, we are joined tonight by our friends at The Dream Shake. This little box below is replicated on their site so they are seeing the same thing you are. And you are seeing the same thing they are. Kind of like looking in a mirror with a mirror but I don't recommend actually doing that as black holes might be created.

For you to participate - and I hope you do! - just type your name in the box called "Your Name" (genius huh) and then in the big empty box under that you type in your insights or insults.

Your comments then will pop up on my screen for approval or rejection. Yes, in addition to being Supreme Live Blogger of the Universe, you can add the title of Censor Overlord to my resume...but don't worry, as long as you follow these simple rules your comment will be approved.

Rules for getting your Live Blog comments past the Censor Overlord:

1) No foul language. I know. This sucks big donkey schlong is distressing to some that choose to use colorful language to express themselves. We are going with this rule b/c our comments are being broadcast on someone else's site and it would be rude of us as virtual guests to curse in their home .

2) Insults are nice. But let's keep it civil. I really don't need a lot of "your team sucks" followed by "your team sucks more". Let's try and be a little more creative as we talk about the various merits and challenges each professional group of athletes faces as they stuggle to acheive glory for our respective cities.

3) Have fun.

Click more to see a replay of the live blog...not sure why you would want to but if it floats your boat, there it is...

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