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Feedback on Live Blog Event

Last night BSoS hosted its first simulcast live blog event with partners The Dream Shake and, the radio home of the Phoenix Suns.

We were thrilled with the event and how the new software enabled more feedback and fan interaction from both Suns and Rockets fans.

Please post any comments, feedback or suggestions about how we could enhance future live blog events in the comments thread here.

In this first ever event, we had about 100 people participate in total with about 20 - 30 at any given time. My one concern is that if we have many more then that, the comments would be overwhelming and we would have to moderate more strictly so that the blog wasn't a stream of repeated comments and cross conversations that would get too confusing. Thoughts?

And btw - last night's game just proves (yet again) that to beat a playoff caliber team like Houston you have to actually show up and play.

After the great win over the Spurs Wednesday and the loss last night, any Suns fan that tells you we are going to win it all is in full-on homer mode. Any other fan that tells you the Suns don't have a chance is in full on anti-Suns homer mode. Its a total toss up in my mind right now.

Congrats to the Rockets - they played for The Dream. He deserved that kind of performance in his name.

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