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Phoenix Suns m?p Awards

The season is winding down and talk naturally is drifting to the merits of Kobe or CP3. Some are taking a few hours to rest up for the onslaught of awesome playoff basketball ahead. Other's ponder the possibilities of off-season moves with hopefulness normally reserved for Cubs fans. And with the Suns watching the action for the weekend it seemed like a perfect time for an end of year Award Ceremony from the people that bring you meaningless Player of the Game and slightly more useless Runner Up POG designations throughout the season.

And with that, may we present this year's m?p Awards!
please hold your applause until all awards have been handed out

First up is the mVp of the 2007-2008 Phoenix Suns

Nominees for this awards are....

For his incredible domination of front lines throughout the league (Detroit not included) and his unparallel determination and effort to continue to improve his game both in the off-season and during the year...Amare Stoudemire!

For his on-the-court and off-the court leadership, experience, determination, mouth and humor...Shaquille O'Neal!

For his...well, you already know...Steve Nash!

The winner of the mVp for this year's Phoenix Suns here to open the envelop
As head witch doctor, body mechanic and ass strengthening coach, Aaron Nelson has single-handedly (probably used both hands actually) done more to keep the Suns in the race this year then anyone.
Aaron Nelson - your Suns mVp of the 2007-2008 season!

Next up is the mIp...Nominees include

For his overall level of team play and proving to the world that Grant is not in fact over the Hill (sorry, couldn't resist)...Grant Hill!

For taking fewer bad shots, hitting more big shots, showing an improved ability to pass the ball and a much more refined overall game...Leandro Barbosa!

The winner of the mIp here to open the envelop
Coming off a great 2006-2007 season, Amare brought a much improved outside jump shot with him to camp and throughout the year has continued to improve to be a true MVP candidate. He finished the year averaging 29 points and just under 10 rebounds since February. Now that's what I call improvement.

Amare Stoudemire - your 2007-2006 Phoenix Suns mIp!

Our final award tonight goes to the mXp. That player that brings the most intangibles and unknowns on a game-to-game basis

For outstanding excellence in rebounding, blocked shots, defensive hustle, 3 point shooting (67%! - look it up) and of course creative facial hair...Brian Skinner!

For incredible post moves, dashing dishes and the occasional Full French...Boris Diaw!

The mXp winner here to open the envelop
Gordan Moodicek as we like to affectionately call him, is the true X factor for the Suns. Not only was he a complete and total surprise after the Brent Barry debacle, but he's completely unpredictable on the floor too. A real X factor. Some nights he comes in and is hitting his 3's, creating for himself and his teammates and getting to the rim. Some nights...well, some nights his mood isn't right. But he does bring a lot of effort every game and clearly understands that in his role as the 8th man he's not going to get any bonus money for unused fouls at the end of the season.

Gordan Giricek - this year's mXp winner!

And that concludes tonight's program. Please feel free to take your comments and stuff them leave them below.

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