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Exciting News from the Bright Side

Ok, folks. Its finally time! It's here. Get, not for the playoff's. Its time for a MAJOR UPGRADE to the BSoS blog site and software!

On April 20th, BSoS will official convert to the new SBNation 2.0 blogoriphic software platform thingie.

Stay tuned for more details, but in the mean time you can see the new platform in action at AZ Snake Pit or at Golden State of Mind.

Quick run down of the cool stuff:

  • Easier user interface - you no longer have to know html to post links, images, bold, block text, etc. Even your mom can use it! (but I would appreciate if we keep your mothers out of this for now)
  • Cool new look and me on this one. I've seen it. Its cool. Its new. It feels oh so good.
  • Lots of other fun stuff - you can either wait until April 20th or if you are the type to open your presents early check it out now AZ Snake Pit or at Golden State of Mind

April 20th - the Bright Side will be bigger, badder and less geeky!

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