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Congrats to the Lakers

Congratulations Lakers for winning the Western Conference (by a HUGE margin) played through adversity (Kobe) and injury (too many to list) and have once again achieved your (NBA) destined place on top of the world conference.

Hope to meet beat you soon in the playoffs. Your arrogance will make your defeat so much tastier.

Oh, and please remember that you have to play some sort of defense against Denver so you don't choke in the first round.

Update [2008-4-16 13:39:31 by Phoenix Stan]:

and as Hawk42 points out in the comments, if you should happen to meet the Mavs instead of the Nugs be sure to not underestimate how motivated that team will be to Beat LA and beware of The Dampier, do whatever vodoo you need to do so Lamar plays well, cover the JET at the 3pt line...oh, who am I Kidding...just have fun and try not to injury any more of your players.

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