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Open Game Day Thread: Suns v Blazers

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Phoenix Suns

Portland Trailblazers
53-27 40-40
7:00 PM Pacific / 10:00 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Steve Blake
Raja Bell SG Jarrett Jack
Boris Diaw SF Brandon Roy
Amare Stoudemire PF LaMarcus Aldridge
Shaq C Channing Frye

Last game of the season...and you know what the best part is? By the end of today we will finally know what the playoff matchups are. Finally! No more of this and even more confusing this.

One more game. For all the marbles....ok, maybe just to save our marbles from rattling around the head and hurting something important.

As for the game itself, its the Portland Trailblazers who have the honor of coming into town to face a Suns team that will either:

a) fight tooth and nail to 1. get the highest possible seed 2. get locked for the up-coming battle against TBD (they are tough!)

b) give a lackluster performance and either win anyway or lose to a team with something to prove

Which will it be? Roll the dice, turn the tarot cards or just watch the tube and find out like the rest of us.

Game Notes

  • Grant Hill will rest up his man-parts for the battles to come
  • In a slightly bizarre move that I don't really understand, the Suns re-sign CP3 Stopper The Lint Man
  • I have an unconfirmed rumor that Amare might not play tonight...still working my "sources" (aka my keyboard) to see what's up. Stay tuned
  • Live blogging here tonight starting sometime before the game and featuring a special guest from the Great Blazers blog - Blazer's Edge

Update [2008-4-16 16:49:22 by Phoenix Stan]:

When in doubt about anything always ask Paul's the scope on the seedings and homecourt advantage, Amare's illness and Lint Man:

Stoudemire played through what he called a "severe cold" Monday and stayed home today because it was still lingering. Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said he might be held out tonight against Portland...

If Phoenix beats Portland at home and Utah wins at San Antonio, there is a four-way tie. The tiebreaker makes Phoenix the No. 4 seed and Houston the No. 5, but the league informed the teams this morning that Houston would have home-court advantage...

The Suns will have another player available tonight after re-signing Linton Johnson this morning. Johnson, a versatile swingman, played two 10-day contracts for Phoenix earlier this season.

Johnson will be on the playoff roster but likely will remain on the inactive list unless there is an injury, particularly in Hill's case.

Update [2008-4-16 17:5:46 by Phoenix Stan]:

Wondering how Coach is going to handle the news of Amare's illness, Grant's injury and the greatly reduced chance of homecourt advantage?

Click here to listen to the audio, courtesy of our friends at KTAR Sports Radio.

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