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Sun Sets on Blazers: 100 - 91

Where to much to talk about...playoff seeding finally! sorted out...rematch with the Spurs..end of the regular season...oh yes, game #82. Let's start there.

Los Suns came out with a solid effort. The poor Blazers without their Vanilla Gorilla or their GODen really had no chance at keeping Shaq out of the paint with Frye and/or Aldridge. 9 points, 10 minutes. Half dozen fouls drawn. It wasn't pretty.

Then by the second quarter the Suns were getting wind of the Jazz road lose (shocking!) and started to pull back on Nash and Shaq and cruised into the half. Only to come out with the pre-seaon line up of DJ, Tucker, Giricek, Marks and Diaw. It was the Futures Game. And give the fellas credit for getting the win. The only hicup was Skinner in a kind of lame tussle with Jarrett Jack. They both got tossed but it certainly didn't look like anything to warrant a suspension.


The Flying Kiwi showed why he's been riding pine (?) all year by putting up 16 and 13 in 24 minutes against a legit NBA player in LaMarcus Aldridge.

Runner Up P'sOG

The rooks got their playing time and showed both potential and why they are rooks. Both of these kids can play and given enough minutes to build their confidence at this level showed why they should be legit role players next year.

Enough about that. Bring on the Spurs!

I am looking forward to lots more of this and this between now and Game 1. Oh yes, this is going to be SO MUCH more fun then playing the Rockets.

In fact, as we wrap up the EOY Recap and Shaq Trade contents in the coming days, I think another one is in order:

Most Creative Expression of Spurs Hate
...stay tuned for the details but start your gears turning b/c you are only going to have a few days to crank out something spectacular! No ordinary hate is going to win this contest.

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