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and the Winner of the Shaq Jersey is!

Remember our little contest to guess the statistical impact of Shaq?

Here's the numbers at the time of the trade and for the entire season (remember that there were 52 games played pre-trade and 30 after).
The "final stat" is for the entire season:

Pre-trade Stat: Final Stat: Differential: Category Winner: Comment:
PPG 109.4 110.1 +.7 AZSEAfan Offense got even better..
OPG 103.3 105 +1.7 calphxfan Defense got even worse..
FG% 49.2% 50.1% +.9% JSun 50.1 FG%! Wow!
OFG% 45% 45.7% +.7% Mazzou and Brian13 45.7 Opp FG% is 13th in the league
TREB Diff -6 -2.4 +3.6 Turumbar This is a HUGE improvement
Win% 70.8% 66.1% -3.7% calphxfan At this point its all about the next 40 games...

And the Winner with a mere .15 variance in all his guesses versus the actual results is... KidZero!

Runner up with a .2 variance is Hawk42 and in third place is your's truly at .3. That's some pretty darn good estimating if I do say so myself!
Oh, and playing the role of Miami Heat was JSun at 4.9

Thanks everyone for playing and congrats to KidZero on winning the Shaq Jersey!

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