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Top Ten List for Watching the Suns in the Playoffs

10. Boris Diaw will pass when he shouldn't and have a few games where he can't miss and more games where he can't hit. But he should play well 3 out of every 4 games and finally redeem himself. He had better.

9. Barbosa, Bell and Giricek will miss open shots. But do not despair. They will each bring something special and contribute to a couple of wins.

8. Shaq will do something spectacular. He might destroy an indestructible backboard. He might crush Jack Nicholson. He might kiss Jack Nicholson. Whatever it is, he will do something that you will not forget.

7. There will be blood. Hopefully this year it won't be ours.

6. Don't forget Grant Hill. He might be a bit slow getting back in the first couple of games, but at some point he's going to start to carry key stretches and show flashes of "the next MJ".

5. Amare will get into foul trouble in two games each series. Teams understand that the ONLY way to stop Amare is to get him into foul trouble. Entire schemes and offensive sets will be designed to draw fouls on Amare. But it won't matter; he will still average 25 and 10 and be LeBron-like in his fourth quarter domination.

4. There will be bad calls. Many bad calls. We will likely lose games that you swear were because of bad calls. Breathe deep and have faith that if there is a conspiracy in New York to help one team over another that the team favored by the crown is the Suns. At least until we play the Lakers.

3. Someone will get kicked, tripped, kneed or bitten. Bring a cup and be prepared for battle but don't let certain punky players get into your head.

2. Steve Nash will win two games himself. He will be dared to shoot by teams looking to deny the assists and he will oblige with at least two 30 point games and at least two clutch late game shots. Book it.

1. Don't panic. Do not think that after each win the Suns will never be beaten again ever. And do not despair after each lose. We will lose games. We might either blow winnable games or just get blown out. Or both. Do not panic.

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