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Suns Wars Episode III -Revenge of the Stitch

In the first installment the dark lords prevailed over a young but enthusiastic band of merry gunners. Happy just to be in the battle and missing a fallen comrade the team from the burning desert sands didn't have much hope of victory.

Returning two years later to once again battle the forces of evil, the brightest stars in the system were lead by their feisty and pasty captain partnered with a surgically repaired hero and tougher group of warrior friends. But in the end, a dark shadow once again covered the land of the sun.

And now, in Episode III - Revenge of the Stitch, it is time for victory!

A bigger, stronger and Frenchier group stands ready to climb the Hill to victory! Gone are the days of stifling defensive maneuvers on the field of battle. No longer can the evil ones muster the reserves to keep pace with the firepower.

The time has come. The season of victory is upon us. Prepare to slay the dark masters!

oh yes, this is going to be a lot of fun

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