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Spurs Hate Fest - The Contest

Spurs Hate - The Contest!

Suns fans, I KNOW how much you hate the Spurs. It drips from your pores and eats at your very soul... Darth_medium

Now you can add greed to that hate with this contest to win free stuff!

Simple to follow rules

1) Send me your MOST creative expression of your Spurs Hate: Video. Graphic. Song. Story. Whatever!

2) One entry per person

3) Email to me at phoenixstan (at) gmail (dot) com (I would appreciate if you email me links and not actual files if possible)

4) Entry must be received NLT tip off for Game 3. That's Friday, April 25 at 7:30pm Suns Time

5) Judging process and award timing TBD

I am expecting some seriously awesome expressions of hate people. Its playoff time! Step up!

I am working on all kinds of prizes but to start things off click "read more"...

Prizes provided by the fine people at SA Sux

1st Prize!- A Spurs Sucks T-Shirt AND Sticker!
male or female shirt in your size

2nd - 5th Place!

2nd through 5th place each get a sticker to express that hate on your car, bike, wheel chair or school lunchbox!

And don't forget these upcoming SA Sux Hate Parties

[Note by Phoenix Stan, 04/21/08 3:58 PM PDT ] Note the updated locations for the games 4 and 5 parties...

Game 2 - McDuffy's in Peoria
Game 3 - Fox Sports Grill in Glendale
Game 4 - Coach & Coach & Willies in Downtown Phoenix
Game 5 - Coach & Coach & Willies in Downtown Phoenix
Game 6 - TBD
Game 7 - TBD

ed note: I really really hope these gals hate the Lakers too!

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