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Q & non A with PTR

A few days ago I sent the good folks at PTR a few questions to exchange in what has become kind of a NBA blog ritual of sorts...unfortunately I did not receive a response. I guess we made them mad...

So, here are the questions I asked. Maybe you Suns fans can out?

1) Ignoring for a moment that whole championship thing, help me understand how the Spurs are better then they were a year ago?

2) Beyond Duncan, Parker and Manu - what other players can create their own shot and potentially score 20 points for the Spurs?

3) How much do the Spurs chances rely on veteran moves aka "dirty tricks" to get into the Suns' heads?

4) How do the Spurs stop Amare aside from getting him in foul trouble?

5) Better bench Suns or Spurs. Explain your answer.

You can also see their pre-game analysis here but let me paraphrase:

Tim Duncan is better then Shaq.

There's no way Shaq can stop Tim Duncan. He doesn't have the lateral mobility. He's lazy on the pick and roll. He's foul prone. Tim should eat him alive. But that's not up to you, me, Pop or ever the refs. It's up to Tim. Listen to me Timmeh: you need to make this a personal battle.

And there-in lies the problem with the Spurs. Tim Duncan is better then Shaq. But this is still a team game and I'll take our top 8 players over theirs ever day of the week...oh, and Amare is better then Oberto and Kurt Thomas combined.

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