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Nash is Passing the Torch

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OK, no more annoying comments from me about the USAC crowd giving MVP props to the "wrong" guy last night. Even Nash agrees that Amare is now the Suns' MVP. From Paul Coro's latest:

"I pass the torch to STAT," two-time MVP winner Steve Nash said, referring to teammate Amaré Stoudemire. "He's deserving."
He's also got a lot more to say, but I don't want to steal too much of Paul's thunder, since he was kind enough to give me a heads up about this article earlier today when I e-mailed him a related question. Suffices to say, that Nash thinks the league MVP should be Amare if the Suns end up with the top spot in the West, and Chris Paul if it's the Hornets. Definitely read the article. Lots of good quotes, as well as an update on Grant Hill.

So, chant away, USAC crowd. You'll get no more objections from me.