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Suns Game 2 Adjustments

I haven't finished re-watching Game 1 and fully formulating my new official Blog Game Plan so that I can send that to Coach D per his personal request to me...

Here's what I have so far:

Less fouls - more D. We obviously can't afford to have all three of our bigs in foul trouble early in the game. I agree with Steve Kerr that the game was well officiated and the Suns just need to play a little smarter and understand that the only way the Spurs can stop Shaq and Amare is to flop draw fouls.

Shaq_dunk_medium Shaq_bench_medium
More this Less this

more after the jump...

Grant's groin. If Grant isn't ready - and I mean READY - then he needs to come off the bench and play less. I think Giricek is a solid option for this team. He has playoff experience, is a mature and smart player and can bring it on both sides of the floor.

Go at Parker. Popovich used Bowen on Nash a LOT less then he had in all the previous matchups. If he's going to put Parker on Nash then Steve needs to be aggressive and make Tony work on D.

Continue to go at Duncan. Obviously, Shaq needs to stay on the floor but the Spurs cannot stop both Shaq and Amare.

Defend Duncan – no changes.  I don’t really think you can do anything different with Timmy. He was awesome but the key again is still to cover him one on one and don’t let Parker or Manu beat you. The Spurs cannot beat the Suns without all three of their main guys scoring. Btw - Nash had a great defensive game. Yes, he did.

Be Ready to Fire.  The Spurs typically don't like to leave the Suns open at the 3 point line, but I expect to see them double the post more and leave the Suns open from the outside. Be ready to fire.

You thoughts are encouraged in the comments – but don’t delay.

Coach D is waiting to hear back from us!





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