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Post Game 2 Manic Anxiety

I went to bed last night deep in that special depression reserved for being dumped, fired or when your team loses a playoff game to a rival. I didn't wake up feeling any better. Roddick_serve_medium

Like I imagine most Suns fans are this morning, I am wildly vacillating between the hope that comes from knowing the next two games are at home and if we hold serve than we are right back in this (and we are still the better team) and the fact that despite all of our talent that this team continues to display the lack of mental focus and toughness that lead to being a sixth seed in the first place (and maybe we aren't the better team).

Despite the poise, creativity and solid play by the Spurs, I can't help but feel that we gave two games away.  I expect Barbosa to fade this time of year. We all know that Diaw can shine for moments but isn't going to win us games. But how does Amare go 2 for 11 in the second half after one of the most dominating first halves of playoff basketball ever? That wasn't Spur's defense that caused him to miss wide open jumpers and free throws. That was lack of mental toughness. The very thing that Shaq was supposed to bring to the Suns.

For those so inclined there are still excuses to be used: Duncan traveled on his three. Nash had the flu. Grant's groin.

I am tired of excuses. This Spurs team is still very beatable. Both of those first two games were vey winnable. The Suns don't need new game plans to stop the pick and roll. They don't need new tricks or gimmicks to score.

The Suns need their coach and star players to not panic and to step up and show what they are made of. Unless they already have.


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