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MVP or MIA - Amare in the Second Half of Game 2


Judging from the poll and the recent stories, Amare gets the blame for the loss in Game 2.


I disagree.



I voted for Grant Hill, although I don't blame the player himself. 

More importantly, I didn't put any additional undue blame on Stoudemire.  Stoudemire may not have scored well, but he was engaged and in the game to win. 

Stoudemire took what the defense gave him.  And after Kerr chided him for the offensive fouls in Game 1, chided him to take more jumpers, he did.  I'm sorry they didn't go in, but he's a good shooter and sometimes they don't go in. 

Did Stoudemire not bring it on the defensive end?  Did he not stop Duncan twice in the low post?  Did he not stay out of foul trouble?  Is it his fault the coach keep calling someone else's number?

He may not have played great, but he wasn't MIA and he wasn't short on passion.  He nearly got a T on the defensive end he wanted it so badly.

Cut the guy a break - there's plenty of blame to go around.

Can I get a witness??

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