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Gut Check: Care to Update Your Forecast?

Overall, it looks like the TrueHoop statgeeks with their hard information are doing better at guessing this series than the ESPN commentators with their soft information.

I use the terms "hard" and "soft" in the technical sense. Hard information is easily transmitted, communicated and verified, like box scores. Soft information is not and includes details about player motivation, coaching foibles and tendencies. One caveat is that statgeeks often evaluate their hard information through a soft lens.

I made my guess purely on the constraints that [1] the Suns must win and [2] Suns fans, by the very definition of being fans, are too optimistic. Suns in 7 was the only option.

Jalen Rose, Kevin Pelton, Henry Abbott's Mom and I picked the Suns in 7, and I am sticking by it. And just so you know - Henry's Mom lost the 2007 statgeek smackdown last year... but Kevin Pelton almost won - he came in a close second.

What about you?

A look at how the "experts" picked after the jump:

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