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New Audio from Suns Practice

 Here's some audio that came in yesterday while the @#$#% server was down...

This is from yesterday's post practice media availability  

Click here to play the audio provided by Ktar-sports_mediumSports 620 KTAR: 

Steve Nash Audio

Amare Stoudemire Audio

Coach DAntonio Audio



Audio RSS feed:



Cliff Notes Below:


Notes from the audio:

Coach D'Antonio from this and another interview I heard yesterday


  • We tried too hard in the 3rd quarter
  • Didn't move the ball
  • These things happen
  • They stole one from us
  • They had one good quarter (game 2)
  • Our defense didn't cause us to lose the game - we need to run more
  • We are still the better team

    I understand that Coach D needs to keep his team confident but this is wearing thin...He had better win these next two games or he's done. No more. Finis. I wonder if Larry Brown likes the desert??

    Steve Nash

    Listen to Steve talk about how they used Grant Hill.

    He said they shouldn't have played him if he wasn't 100% and that the uncertainty of his situation didn't give them the chance to prepare for not have him.

    Sound familiar?

    Amare Stoudemire

    yadda yadda...didn't say anything silly....blah blah

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