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From the Horses Mouth

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For those who aren't sure if the win on Sunday was a result of effort or X's and O's, I would highly recommend watching Nash and D'Antoni in their post game interviews.

You will also notice Coach D admit coming too late to the decision not to play Grant Hill and to being "snookered" (his word) after game 1 into believing he didn't need to adjust anything. I am not sure what his excuse was for not making any adjustments before game 3.

In the playoff's, even if you win you have to make adjustments because the other team will. You can't give a team like the Spurs 3 days to prepare for you to do the same thing again. Even if it was successful.

Today, Coach Mike said that he's not making any adjustments for game 5 since everything worked so well in game 4. Nice coaching G.W. D'Antoni.