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End of Season Recap Contest

Season's almost over folks and what a year its been. In fact, it been far too exciting for just a "normal" end of season recap.

This season deserves better for all the entertainment its provided. The highs and lows and frustrations and joys.

So, we are thinking what better way to wrap it up then another contest.

Here's the rules:

1) Develop your recap of the season in any media you want. Video montage. Song. Graphical representation. Poem. Haiku. Video of a song with haiku lyrics and graphical animation. Or even regular old couple of paragraphs.

2) All entries have to be submitted via email to me at phoenixstan @ gmail dot com by midnight Phx time on April 16th.

3) Depending on the number (and quality) of your entries we will narrow the field to 3 or 5 and post them online for BSoS readers to vote.

4) Winner gets fame, adoration, glory, bragging rights and we are working on something special.

Put on your thinking caps. Fire up your Photoshops. And gin us up something creative, fun and relevant to the season.

Update [2008-4-7 18:10:25 by Phoenix Stan]:

We are pleased to offer a free Big Shaqtus shirt to the winner. Thanks to the good folks at Big Shaqtus Tees.

I don't believe that the the chest/nipple model is included in the prize package...

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