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Suns Skin Grizz: 127 - 113

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"We sleep-walked through the first half but came out in the second and played well"---Raja Bell's post-game interview

That pretty well sums it up doesn't it. The Suns, as I predicted in my pre-game post (which I am purposely not linking to in hopes that you won't actually check what I said) needed to cruise through the first half and then come out smoking in the third and build a big lead and then ride it home. Sometimes, I amaze even myself.


Bell, was actually very candid talking about how it was difficult to bring the energy early in the game and focus. And while he didn't mention it, I suspect that having his clock cleaned by a Jason Collins elbow early in the third might have snapped him out of it as he finished the game en feugo hitting 7 of his last 9.

This all proves once again that if you are - let's just say - a lesser team and the Suns are in sleep-walk mode its best to quietly tip toe around and not make any loud noises or deliver any inadvertent shots to the head or face. The Grizzlies broke this rule about letting sleeping bears lie and they paid the price.

Oh, Happy Gay!

Rudy Gay managed to keep the game somewhat respectable with an impressive 5-6 from long range. Earlier in the season he beat the Spurs with a last second three. Tonight, he helps them out by preventing the Suns from resting their starters. Perhaps he's hoping to sign in San Antonio when he's a free agent at the end of next season. Kid's got game and he plays hard. Let's hope he resigns in Memphis or somewhere "safe" that will never manage to build a team around him. He's the next T-Mac.

Oh, By the Way!

For those not fortunate enough to watch this game on the Suns home TV feed with Eddie Johnson, let me just also pass on that EJ feels like Darko will end up being an all-star. I just report the news. I don't create it. I do think that for him to get to that level the kid needs to improve his low post moves, develop a jump shot, and learn not to watch the ball so much.

Get Out of His Way!

Yes, Amare was awesome again. He stepped up big and continues to show why he will be a potential MVP possible candidate sometime in the future if he doesn't slack off and continues playing as well as he is now (excepting of course that game in Denver for which we excuse him due to the fact he played so hard the night before logging 41 and 14). I am fairly sure Darko will remember Amare's name anyway and will likely cast his vote in that direction.

But of course, the reason Darko will never be an all-star is that despite his talent and skill and size he will forget this game and the next time he see's Amare his only lesson will be to avoid looking directly up through the hoop as the ball travels in a downward direction towards his face. Compare that to Dwight Howard who Amare schooled his first year only to have him come back with a serious axe to grind in Amare's ass. Sorry EJ. I don't think they do heart transplants on otherwise healthy 22 year old Slavic centers.

And Amare had 5 assists too. They were nices ones. He certainly needs to learn to dish the ball since he's going to be seeing a lot of double and triple teams.

The Rest of the Gang

No way, was I going to pull that "rhymes with Gay" stunt again. Anyway, every Sun that stepped on the floor was in double figures. Hill's shot was falling for the first time in a long time. Diaw was solid. Nash hit a sort-of-dagger three towards the end and Modicek was having a swell day too. Only Skinner was held to single digits but I would love to give him about 10 extra points for his Amare-like dunk in transition early in the game and 2 blocks in 17 minutes which projects out to be something like 12,457 over the course of a season. Give the guy some more minutes for all that is holy and strangly multi-colored.

Quick turnaround for the matchup tomorrow in San Antonio. One of our own - jasonsuns1 - will be there representing the 602 and BSoS. Should be fun.

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