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Open Game Day Thread: Suns v Spurs

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Phoenix Suns

San Antonio Spurs
52-26 53-24
6:30 PM Pacific / 9:30 PM Eastern
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Tony Longoria
Raja Bell SG Michael Finley/Mano Ginobli
Grant Hill SF Bruce Bowknees
Amare Stoudemire PF Timmeh Duece Can
Shaq C Fabio Oberto

A Day of Hate

Our Day of Spurs Hate began with a well documented recital of hate from BJD and then was followed quickly by our own ZonaFlash's artistic rendering of the Suns delivering a knock out blow. Well done ZF.

We then enjoyed Spurs hate from the female perspective. Its not really clear if these gals are true haters of if they are just capitalizing on your hate. But then again, does it matter?

And finally, our own international basketball star point guard and globally renowned attorney Panamasun (yes, he's in Panama) shared how his killer instincts translated from the court to the courtroom and then to the Spurs.

I don't want to distract too much from all this glorious hate to explain why I hate the Lakers more then the Spurs - but the quick answer is that Spurs haters focus on their current players. My hate for the Lakers transcends any Bruce Bowen and goes back decades.

Btw - quick thanks to both the Blazers and D-backs for helping fulfill my Beat LA daily prayers. And best wishes to D-backs pitcher Doug Davis as he undergoes cancer surgery.

Back to hating the Spurs

Phoenix Stan's Game Plan for Assured Win by Someone Who Really Doesn't Have A Clue

Offensively, the Suns need to attack Timmeh early. Doesn't matter if he's on Shaq or Amare, that's where the ball should go. Shaq can use his magically repaired hip and his new strong ass (no, this hasn't stopped being funny yet) to pound TD in the paint. If Duncan wants to come out and try Amare in the high post then Stat can drive right by him. Either way. Make Duncan work early on D.

Plan #B2 - get the ball to Grant Hill. We know that the Spurs will put Bowen on Nash. That's going to leave a much smaller or less defender on Grant. Hill was shooting well last night and I am looking for him to have at least 15 points in this game. He and Diaw both are going to need to carry some of the distribution load and keep the offense humming.

Defensively, I think you just keep it simple. The Spurs aren't a balanced scoring team. Behind the big three they are very thin indeed. And all three need to do well if they have a chance to score over 100. Let Duncan take all the shots he wants early in the game. DON'T foul him. If he's getting and even making those looks great. As long as the Suns pound the glass and stay home on the shooters.

I know Finely isn't the same but after watching that NBA TV replay of the Mavs/Suns playoff game where he torched the Suns for 31, I am still having residual fear. Don't double the post until late in the game.

Matchup of Greatest Significant Import

Bell v Mano. Raja needs to really focus and lock down Mano. This guy is coming off the bench for the Spurs as their primary option. The Suns can't let him go off. Hold Mano under 20. Suns win.

Enjoy the game. Don't let the hate eat you up inside. Let it flow!

For more insight from the other side visit Pounding The Rock. Just be sure to wash your hands after you do. I kid! I kid!

no really, wash 'em good

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