Two Heavyweights Again

Even though the regular season is packed with "Contendas," we can still always pretend as if there are still only two teams that mattered.  

Coaches like this analogy, because if one wins, then its because you beat a great team.  And if you lose, hey, it was a heavyweight battle!  A great team had to lose!

It's like a colleague of mine named Lei Z----.  We just called him Lay-Z.  I was in Japan with him, and everywhere we went, he would tell the customer "That's Impossible!" at the top of his lungs.  He'd practically throw a hissy fit.  But it was perfect because if we succeeded, it was because we were so smart.  If we failed, we were so smart for knowing that it was impossible. Now THAT was smart. Yes, he had not one but TWO PhDs. 

Here is an extra line, because apparently a picture is worth less than the 300 words required to post a diary. Who knew?