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D'Antoni to the Knicks

Multiple sources are reporting that D'Antoni accepted the Knicks offer. Here's the link and key details:

Sports Illustrated reported on its web site Saturday that Phoenix Suns coach Mike D'Antoni had accepted a job offer from the New York Knicks.

The New York Post also reported that D'Antoni had accepted the job. D'Antoni's four-year contract with the Knicks will pay $6 million per year.

I say more power to him. If he's going to go why not to the Big Apple where he will get paid and have a few years worth of honeymoon to rebuild that team with Donnie Walsh. The owner seems like a nut job but at least he's not cheap. Mike will do great with the New York media for at least a few years until they start winning but can't get over the hump. This buys him time and of course is a nice pay day.

For the Suns, the sooner this is over the better so we can move on to finding the next coach.

For the record, I love New York City and would gladly accept a position for much less then $6m/yr if anyone is offering.


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