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The Short List

Things are starting to feel like they are narrowing from the full complement of anyone-that-can-hold-a-clipboard-and-correctly-differentiate-an-X-from-an-O down to a short bus list of warm bodies. Short_bus_medium

The short list seems to be:

Terry Porter - who's already interviewed and would cement the already cozy relationship between the Valley of the Sun and Rip City

Elston Turner - coming to town Wednesday presumably for some reason other then 110 degree weather

Tyrone Corbin - just added to the list today and is reportable considered by those who talk about these reports and otherwise comment on such things as a well respected former player and assistant coach despite having lower name recognition then Sean Marks

Other names include:

  • the Mark Jackson "former broadcaster old-boy network" courtesy interview
  • the discounted and repudiated Kurt Rabis (eye sight is questionable)
  • Jazz assistant Phil Johnson (considered to have hair issues which are balanced by his awesome mustache but in fact was mistaken by rumor-mongers for Tyrone Corbin for obvious reasons)
  • Celtic's assistant and defensive "wiz" Thibodeau (name too difficult to spell to be a legit candidate)
  • and Paul Silas who has the most head coaching experience but is considered only qualified to discuss coming to the Suns in an Alvin Gentry aged wise man role
  • Marv Albert

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