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Trade Steve Nash?? Not yet...but maybe

There has been a surprising amount of talk on the local radio and in the paper about the possibility of trading Steve Nash.

The deal most mentioned would send him to Portland who could use the veteran leadership to go with their young stars. They certainly have plenty of pieces to move back.

Let me stress - this "deal" is complete and total fan generated speculation.

For me, the idea has some merits if you can get back a PG of the future (like the Nets did w/ Devin Harris) and understand that the new Suns don't need Nash's brilliance to be as effective.

The best post entry passing this year came from Hill, Diaw, Giricek and Bell and the Suns just aren't going to run on makes like they used to. Forget 7 seconds or less. Think 20 seconds or less. Amare, Shaq and Boris in a power possession post oriented game with better defense is what we are likely to see next year.

Maybe Nash isn't the best fit in that kind of system? At the same time, you aren't going to find a better shooting point guard and in that type of system we have to have long range shooters.

I am not in favor of moving him...yet. A lot will depend on what happens in the off season and you can even wait and see how the season starts and consider a mid-season deal if the right offer is on the table.

As much as we love Nash for everything he's done and is, the idea of moving him is clearly is something that can't be completely taken off the table. It isn't something that can be rushed into either.

What would you want in return for the two-time MVP?

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