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Dallas Pot Explains Alot

In a stunning move of Jose Canseco proportions, maverick Maverick owner Mark Cuban admits to smoking a bit of the herb. In his gallant attempt to defend player #420  Cuban fell on his bong sword and toked one for his team.

Mav's fans worldwide responded with unanimous and immediate response of "duh". One Mavs fan summed it up saying, "well, this explains a lot of things ...".

In a startling related development, Carmelo Anthony and Lamar Odom instructed their agents to demand immediate trades to Dallas. "I want to play for a guy that get's me and understands my needs," explained Melo.

On a personal note in keeping with the times, I am embarrassed to report that I too have been known to indulge in the occasional bowl. Unlike Josh Howard, my lapses have not always occurred in the off-season and led to the occasional unfortunate blog post.

I just hope young people everywhere will learn from my mistakes and realize that blogging while stoned can only lead to bad things .

I apologize to my fans family and vow never to blog high again (unless Mark Cuban says it's ok).


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