Former Suns Engage in Revisionist History to Get Interviews

Why do Eddie Johnson, Tom Chambers and Dan Majerle talk so much about something they've never done?

This article suggests that those three are still in the running for an assistant coaching position.  I'd kind of like to see that.  Of the three, EJ really comes with the most insight.  Personally, I'm also a big fan of his for more than just basketball .

Chambers, though, continues to confound me.  He says:

"I talked to him (Kerr) about the Amaré (Stoudemire) situation," Chambers said. "If they want someone to work with him, who better than me? He's looking up at my mug in the rafters (Suns Ring of Honor). All the records he's trying to break are mine."

Come on, Tom.  Really?  What's the situation?  Helping Amare on defense?  If he sticks around a few more years, he's going to break whatever Suns' records you still have remaining.  And you never played defense.  Ever.

Side note:  Every time Bluntman and I pass by the Bud Light Paseo, he keeps saying that he's going to get Chambers to sign a blow-up of this picture:


Here's a link to the video.

End of sidenote.

If Kerr's serious about hiring Chambers, does anyone think Mark Jackson even wants the head coaching job?

EJ didn't play defense.  Chambers didn't play defense.  Majerle occassionally played defense, but once he started jacking up threes instead of driving the lane and dunking on 7'6" players, his tenacity and defense suffered.  But these guys are constantly saying the Suns need to play better defense.

Everyone -- literally, everyone -- talks defense.  Stoudemire, D'Antoni, Kerr, Chambers, Johnson.  But, who actually plays/played defense?  Easier said than done.