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Chris Paul - A Phoenix Son at Heart

Say what you will about the Phoenix Suns and our incredible franchise win/loss record and zero Larry O'Brian's. We lost Kareem in a coin toss and lost to the Bulls Chris_paul_-_sun_mediumand Celtics in finals that included a couple of the best games ever. We've had our share of bad luck in Phoenix.

But one thing we have also had is a long line of extremely talented point guards. Chris Paul would be a perfect fit in that great Phoenix tradition.

Gail Goodrich, Paul Westphal, Kevin Johnson, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash.

Talented floor leaders who can both pass and score. CP3 is our prodigal sun.

The preceding virtual fondling has been brought to you as part of the Chris Paul Blog Day . Seriously though, the kid has potential doesn't he?

[Note by ZonaFlash, 05/06/08 5:04 PM EDT ]

Potential? I think you don't you come in second for the Maurice Podoloff unless you show you have actual.

Chris Paul got potential? No, man, he got actual.

More than his stats, I love his leadership. He wants to win. Where Steve Nash, gorilla love him, is a leader by example, Paul is a fiery leader willing to get in his teammates faces to get them to perform. Backs it up by being one of the nicest guys off the court.

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