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Random, Gut Reactions to the Celtics' Win

Here's a list, in no particular order, of thoughts and feelings.

1.  Loved to see it end this way.  Hate the Lakers.  Hate Kobe.  Boston is still my #2 team.

2.  Favorite play of the game:  With about 8 minutes left and a 30 point Celtic lead, KG picks Kobe up on a switch.  25 feet from the basket and isolated with Garnett, Kobe jacks up a shot.  What a quitter.  Would MJ have done that?

3.  I'm glad to see Rajon Rondo got a chance to prove himself instead of being stuck on the end of the Suns' bench and/or in Albuquerque.

4.  Rather than try to bleep out the post-game expletives from the KG interview, the sound guy just feigned technical problems.

5.  The Boston fans booed Dave Stern when he presented the Trophy and again when he presented the MVP award to The Truth.

6.  Who knew Danny Ainge had it in him?  He's come a long way from Horry's towel-in-the-face.

7.  Have you seen the flap aboug Jemelle Hill's comparison of Celtics' fans to Hitler and/or a long, nuclear winter?  She's also the same gal who said Horry's hip-check was Cheap Shot Bob's "biggest shot ever" -- stating his veteran savvy helped seal the victory for the Sp*rs.

8.  Who can question KG's worth?  Even with "sub-par" Games 1 through 5, would the Celtics have been in this position in Game 6 with the same team and Shawn Marion instead of Garnett?

9.  Damn you, Shawn!

10.  Phil Jackson might actually be the greatest coach ever.  Really.  Besides Kobe, look at the head cases on his team.  Add Bynum and this is a great roster?  Really?  It's not the roster, it's the coach.

11.  Damn you, Shawn!

12.  Boston fans are so much more energetic than Fakers' fans.  Did you notice the Asian guy at the end getting a photo with KG?

13.  The refs ruined the Standing O for the big three.  They stopped the hand-slapping and yanked the TV crew away.  Was that really necessary?

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