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Mock Draft Voting (Poll Closed)

Today we vote and discuss our preferred Mock Draft choice.

At 10.30 CST, I will put up a poll of 5-10 names you may want to consider. Please let me know if there are names not on the list below you want included in the poll. Simply post a comment with the name and that you want the player on the poll.

Please also post your vote and explain it in the comments of this thread.

Voting closes at 1.30 CST.

We will have 30 minutes after that to make a statement and send it off to RU.


The host for the Mock Draft is Matt at Ridiculous Upside. So go there to keep tabs on things until the Suns pick comes up.

The rules are simple. No trades.

Here's the full draft schedule and picks so far:


13. Portland Trailblazers-Blazers Edge: Brandon Rush
14. Golden State of Mind - DeAndre Jordan
15. Bright Side of the Sun 1PM TODAY
16. (working on it) 3:30PM
17. (sorting out between the bazillion good Raptors blogs) 6PM
18. Bullets Forever 8:30PM

For a quick recap of the final draft order go here and for a handy compulation of early mock draft speculation you can check this out from the T-Wolves blog (and if anyone has this draft thing down its the T-wolves fans).

Here's some of the names we've talked about:

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