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Suns Notes...Thunder Dan in. Amare out. Trades and women's soccer

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  • Thunder Dan is leaving his cushy side line broadcasting seat to move down 50ft to a spot next to Terry Porter, Alvin Gentry, Bill Cartwright and Igor Kokoskov(?). This is a good move for Dan if he's really serious about coaching in the NBA and he should do a good job with the players. And unlike Tom "Party Line" Chambers, he's not been shy about saying the same things we all have about player development, defense and accountability. 
    • Just as an aside - Arizona sports fans really are lucky when it comes to broadcasters. I have been watching D-backs games lately and the Gracie/Sutton combo is outstanding! and of course we heard all year long from NBA LP watchers how much better the Suns voices are then other teams'. Add in HOF legend Joe Sr. for a weekend ball game and you've got some seriously good entertainment.
  • Amare is sitting out the Olympics citing general health but really saying that he needs the time off to rest up for the coming season.  I credit Amare for giving up the potential gold medal in favor of the Suns. Way to put team ahead of country. That 's the kind of dedication we need from everyone to win that ring...
  • The LB and Boris trade rumors are flying. Here's a few.
    • LB to Portland for Martell Webster and the #13 pick. This would give the Suns another wing player/shooter and certainly a lot of youth w/ 21 y/o Webster, 2 1st round picks along w/ DJ and Tucker. I don't think I like this deal b/c it doesn't address our biggest needs (center and pg) and makes the team even younger
    • LB to Knicks for the #6 pick and who-the-heck-knows. This may be more appealing to get as high as #6 if you can also get back Nate Robinson and David Lee (which I don't see the Knicks doing)
    • Boris to Toronto for TJ Ford. The Raptors bought out Jorge Garbajosa and now have the cap and roster space for Diaw. With BC calling the shots there this would seem to be the mostly likely new home for Boris if he's to go. The problem is that getting TJ Ford back isn't the answer. As much as I love the kid's game and heart, he's just too big of a risk with that contract ($25m / 3yrs)
  • Nash continues his off-season use of soccer to help his fitness and mental preparation and is adding owner/promoter to the mix as well. I have a soft spot for this as I a) coach youth soccer and my 9 y/o is a heck of a keeper b) got hooked on women's soccer during the last world cup c) have nieces that play very competitive girl's soccer in New England and d) get a kick out of a basketball player spending his time on the pitch instead of in the casino.

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