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Live Blogging the Draft - The Audacity of Hope

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Ready. Set. Hope!

Hold the Phone!

Coro is reporting that they Suns traded for their man Dragic from the Spurs!

So much for Dragic. The Spurs nabbed him. The Suns land:

Malik Hairston  SF
21 years old; 6'6"; 200 lbs.
Oregon, Senior


The Suns are still trying to move up in the 2nd round to nab a point guard:

Goran Dragic  PG
22 years old; 6'4"; 200 lbs.
Union Olimpija Ljubljana,

The guy is reportedly a very good and aggressive left-handed PG who can get to the rim and dish the ball. The issue is that he's got some contract issues in Spain that they would have to work out. He reportedly would be a top 15 pick if was clearly eligible.

Clearly, the Suns love the guy and are willing to pay $1m for the pick plus a future 2nd round pick. Stay tuned.