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All the Goran Details

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Paul Coro in the AZ Republic has a great recap and update on the Dragic pick.

Here's the key plot points:

Dragic cannot be bought out of his contract with Spanish club Tau Ceramica until July 2009. The buyout is $1,550,000, with the Suns able to pay $500,000.

In 2010 he would be free, but he likely will be with the Suns by next summer. Hopes of arranging an exit this summer range from promising to guarded.

Unless the dollar rebounds quickly against the Euro, it looks likes its going to take a hefty sum to buy out Goran's contract. I have no idea at this point what he stands to make playing in Europe this season but it's kind of difficult to see how the Suns could pay him enough to cover both the buy out (if Tau agreed to one) and also make it worth his while to play here.

Second round rookies don't get signed to long term NBA contracts and the one's they get are sub $1m. We will have to continue to monitor this situation and hope the Suns can figure something out.

and as for the Suns plans for him...

The goal is for Dragic to play a low-pressure role as the Suns' third point guard this season behind a veteran free-agent pickup such as Tyronn Lue, Anthony Johnson or Chris Duhon.

This is quite the interesting little tidbit as well. Note the lack of Barbosa's name there? Hmmmm. I also wonder if the Sun's don't think he's ready to be the #2 PG if they aren't better off letting him play in Europe this year and develop more.

And finally, here's a great  video from inside the Suns draft war room courtesy of Note that the Suns were prepared to pay $750k plus an '09 pick and ended up paying $500k. Clearly, the Suns want this kid bad.

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