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Veteran Free Agents Pass on Suns Measly $1.2m

I guess July isn't the best time of year to recruit people to come to Phoenix. Understandable if you consider a few factors like the 110 degrees, the sun-browned putting "greens" and oh yeah, the lack of any money to offer.

The cash strapped Suns have struck out offering available free agents the veterans minimum of a measly $1.26 million. How can a guy expect to feed his family on that!

Those passing on the insulting Suns offer include backup point guards Anthony Johnson, Chris Duhon and now Tyrone Lue. That perennial object of Sun's affection Brent Barry passed as well.

There doesn't seem to be much fresh meat left in the market. Sam Cassell will certainly want more cash so he can fuel his rocket ship back to Mars (that's a reference to him looking like an Alien in case you missed the joke).

Shawn Livingston has yet to play a game since the horrific destruction of his knee while playing for the hexed Clippers.

Of the two, I would certainly like to hear more about Shawn. If the Sun's miracle working medical staff thinks they can get him rolling again, he might sign a one-year deal just to prove himself and regain his status as young stud PG.

I have said all along that the Suns would need to move LB to make salary space for a backup PG. I still think that sending him to Memphis in return for Lowery, a first round pick and some other filler makes sense. But chances are the Suns will roll into the season with Dragic stuck in Europe and LB and DJ splitting time behind the aging Nash. And while that's not ideal, I am not sure that in the end its any worse then have Tyrone Lue.

Note: I am leaving for Vegas in the morning and will be on-site for the final four Suns summer league games. Just me and my laptop. So look for lots of blogging and maybe some pictures which may or may not include topless table dancing. What happens in Vegas ends up on a blog...

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