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Jarryd Bayless Ends DJ Strawberry's Career

Or at least he ruined his evening with 36 points most of which seemingly came in the final crucial minutes of a tight game. DJ on the other hand turned the ball over four times including calling a non-existent time out with 1:03 left.

The suddenly very young and inexperienced point guard was bringing the ball up court with a Suns 5 point lead and as he felt some pressure on the side line called time out. Problem being of course that the Suns had no remaining time outs which resulted in lose of possession and technical free throw.

On the other end Bayless blew by Strawberry getting into the lane for bucket and 1.

Strawberry with less then a minute remaining then dribbles off his foot, regains control, gets pressured by his man, almost calls timeout again and is called for an 8 second violation. Turnover.

Game over. Bayless drops 36 including key late buckets while DJ folds in the clutch.

Is it the end of DJ's career? Of course not. But you have to think that his poor performance in the critical part of the game will have a lasting impression on Kerr and Griff. From the looks on their faces it certainly seemed that way.

Tucker continued to dominate other guards in the paint and Robin was again spectacular.

For a much more coherent version of the game from the very nice, professional and non-bloggery bloggers - Dave and Ben - check out Blazer's Edge.

More to follow from me in the morning including a recap and hopefully video of Robin Lopez' face up 360 spin dunk.

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