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Game Day Open Thread (Suns / Wizards)

Sitting in the stands before the Suns / Wizards end the Summer League and low and behold the most amazing thing happened during the Knicks / T-Wolves game.

No, the Knicks aren't playing any defense (they are down 75 to 55 in the 3rd and that's with Kevin Love out w/ a rolled ankle).

It's better then that. During half time they called Nate Robinson to center court and retired his Summer League jersey.

Seriously! They pinned it up to the wall in the gym!


First half comments - Wiz 38 - Suns 36

Without Robin this game is far less interesting. And less intense.

DJ unfortunately has not responded from his pounding at the hands of Jarryd Bayless. He's 0-4 with only 5 points all on free throws. He has 5 turnovers and the worst part is that his man has constantly gotten free for open layups on cuts or been left wide open for jump shots. The two guys he's been guarding (Dee Brown and D Draper are a combined 4-4 from the field).

At this point I have to think that DJ's chances of even landing a roster spot are in jeopardy.

Tucker has played well but seems somewhat bored with the game. He's 2-4 with 7 points at the half.

Oh, and Javale McGee who we could have picked at 15? 3 of 3 in 6+ minutes but has not really stood out in anyway.

Carmelo Anthony came in with a rather large pose and an even larger body guard who is sitting behind Melo's court side seat as if he was guarding...someone that matters.

2nd Half:

The game stayed tight until a few minutes into the fourth when Tucker and Strawberry took over. It was 4th game in 4 days and in all definitions a get away game. Both teams played like it but the Wiz got into planning their departure mode just a few minutes earlier then the Suns and packed it in.

DJ ended the game playing the 2 guard and letting Jared Jordan run the point. He started hitting a few jumpers coming of curls and looked so much more comfortable without PG responsibilities.

Tucker finished the game strong as well hitting a 3 and playing the 3.

The other standout in this game was Judson Wallace who showed some decent range and played tough D against bigger men. He finished with 15 points.

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