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The Name of the Game is Depth & Other News

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Depth Charge?: What a difference a year (and a coach) makes.  With the addition of Matt Barnes, the Suns are suddenly 10 (I'm lookin' at you, Alando) deep with a PG - who will log minutes - yet to be signed.  That's 3-4 extra bodies the team hasn't had the last few seasons.  I'm not looking forward to it.  It means more nuanced analysis of line-up efficacy, a diffusion of responsibility and less time with the stars on the floor.  In other words, more work for us and less work for individual players.  Oh, wait.  That's a good thing.  Sorry, I still haven't quite put the D'Antoni Era behind me (see below).

Here are some other Suns-related tidbits...



  • Mike D'Antoni loves you. I love you, too, but they don't print articles in the local dailies about it so bask in the gratitude of Coach Pornstache one last time before he unleashes hell on the Atlantic Division.
  • Josh Childress left the Atlanta Hawks for a max offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to play in Greece.  How does this affect the Suns?  Not much, unless you're still into enjoying Joe Johnson schadenfreude (Let. It. Go.).  But for some interesting analysis, check out this post at True Hoop featuring a cameo appearance by Leandro Barbosa.
  • Looking for some sweet kicks to go with that hot new Robin Lopez jersey?  They're probably not underground enough for Turtle, but for the rest of us, next month Nike will be releasing the Phoenix Suns-themed edition of its NBA Dunk Pack. 
  • One blogger's All-Time Suns Roster.  What? No Armon Armen Gilliam?  Weak.
  • Hey, I know it's early, but if you're looking for something special for your fellow Suns fans, you could do a lot worse than a Phoenix Suns Mr. Potato Head.
  • And, finally, the Suns ownership took a hit when Sid Craig, husband of Jenny of weight loss fame, passed away on Monday.  By all accounts he was a well-liked man.  And he had lots of cool toys to impress the players with.


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