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Game of the Year!

I hope you had the pleasure today of watching at least part of the epic battle between the reigning five time champion and the upstart Spaniard. It was an incredible match filled with drama, heart and unbelievable talent.

You can't be a sports fan of any type and not enjoy today's match - the longest in Wimbledon history. That 4th set tie break with Roger down two sets and behind 2-5 only to see Rafa choke out a double fault prompting Roger to storm back....amazing sports drama.

And in the fifth when you think Roger will take the momentum and close it out like he did last year only to find a younger opponent who seemed to want it just a tad bit more. Nadal pushed Roger to break point again and again but the Swiss wall held until finally tied 7-7 Nadal gets the break and closes out on his serve with no time to spare before darkness would have postponed the match and given Roger time to rest and regroup.

Roger with his poise and wicked serve and forehand.

Nadal's speed, ability to hit amazing winners for anywhere on the court and stamina.

Just incredible tennis and incredible sport. I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as I did.




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