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Suns Links Round-up

After a nice long weekend in which tennis finally became relevant in a way it hasn't been since the movie Wimbledon came out  in decades, it's time to get back to basketball.  Since I don't quite have my land legs back (I fished more than I had in 20 years or so), here's some links to Suns-related articles around the Intertubes.  Actual content coming tomorrow.

State of the Cap: takes a look at the Suns' cap situation for the next couple of years.  B-?  Sure.

Boom Tho No Mo: Holly at Hardwood Paroxysm says Rod Benson will be playing for the Raptors at the Vegas Summer League.  So does the Raptors' website.  Somehow, my heart will go on.

Alando Tucker's Blog: From, AT discovers the joys of summer in Phoenix and talks about Terry Porter and the draft. 

Is The Sun Setting on Phoenix?: I shoot the next person that runs a "Suns Rising/Setting" headline.  In the knee.  That means you, Samuel Bell, Jr. of

Basketbawful: En freaking fuego. (Darryl Dawkins dunks, stupid injuries featuring 3 Suns, and Shawn Marion's unfortunate tattoo.)

BJD Doesn't Know Who These Guys Are Either: Black Jesus Disciples runs down the Suns' Summer League roster.  We've got next (on the roster preview, that is).

Oh, So THAT'S The Problem: The Crossover Movement explains why we all have issues with Boris.  You see, it's because we don't understand him. (via Hardwood Paroxysm)


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