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Goran Dragic Speaks

Here's Goran's first interview with the Phoenix media

Dragic interview on Sport 620 KTAR





Audio provided by Sports 620 KTAR: 

 Here's the cliff notes:

  • Goran's bags got lost on the way over so he only has a T-shirt and pants. Send donations of clothing to
  • He debunked the scurrilous rumor posted on this wikipedia page that he ran a cigar shop. Could wikipedia be wrong? My world view is shattered!
  • On second thought and third listen perhaps he thought Gambo was asking him for a cigar and Dragic's response of "I have nothing of this. I don't smoke" wasn't an actual denial of the wikipedia report. My faith is restored in the truth of the Internets.
  • Nope....sorry in the next bit he does in fact flatly deny having worked in a cigar shot claiming he's a "basketball player". Whatever.
  • He "do really well in work out with Suns" but didn't know he was going to be picked. He was happy. Happy enough to give up the cigar shop business? hmmm
  • In response to a brilliant question Dragic reports that playing as a kid helped him play better now
  • He's excited to play with Steve Nash. I guess he doesn't get the Internets in Slovenia
  • When he was "young" he watched Nash, Shaq and Stoudemire on TV at 3 in the morning. God, I am old...
  • He was nervous if he was going to be able to get the buy out done. He's very happy to be here. Me too. I love it here.
  • Breaking news at the 7:59 mark. Goran's father is Serbian! No wonder the Suns didn't resign Giricek. Everyone knows you can't have a Serb and Croat on the same team. They fight like cats and dogs.
  • Playing in the NBA was his boyhood dream...ah.
  • Mine too except I am 5'10" and have a 7 inch vertical leap. I am a lefty though so maybe there's hope...
  • "I defend really good Tony Parker...I was really happy. We won."
  • "I love to play defense. In Europe everything is defense." Really? Defense in Europe? I thought they invented NATO so we could defend Europe.
  • Boris Diaw is taking him to dinner. Pictures should be posted soon.
  • "Now that I am on the team the Suns surely won't pick up the team option on DJ Strawberry's contract and will instead use the final roster spot for another big man to be Shaq's whipping boy in practice."
  • ed note: That last comment is not an actual quote from Dragic but an imagined version of what I figure must be running through his mind right about now. Its certainly what's running through mine.

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