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Surprise Surprise, Shaq steps in it again

Look, there were a lot of reasons that I never liked this trade and most of them had to do with what the Big Breather brought (or no longer brought) on the court.

But I never liked the big guy's act either and here's just another example.

According to court docs Shaq wrote her one email that reads, "I dnt no who the fuk u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is all I gotta make no try me. Sho me."

The docs also allege Shaq sent her "an unsolicited vulgar and offensive illustration of a man physically restraining a woman while forcing her to engage in sexual intercourse with him."

I still contend that we shouldn't judge NBA players based on their personal lives and I agree with Sir Charles that if you let your kids look up to professional athletes as role models then that's on you.

But Shaq is a $20m / year salary cap busting exception to all the rules. So let's hear it all you Shaq Lovers about how he's just misunderstood and boys will be boys. Maybe Shaq was just breathing heavy because he finished a workout so he would be in peak physical condition for the up-coming season.

And while we're at it, let's see how all those self-righteous Phoenix fans react to this one.

Can't stand AI and Melo because they're "thugs"? Never would trade for Kobe in a million years? Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson should be in prison?

How are you all feeling about Superman right about now?

And yes Mr. Kerr, if you are tasting a big helping of my own self-righteous I told you so this morning then just mix it with your coffee and drink it right down. Its time we call this one answered.  

"If it works, I'm a genius," Kerr said. "If it doesn't, I'm a moron, I guess."

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