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The haters over at wanted to fill some off season time with a

conversation so we did what bored bloggers do and exchanged questions.

My answers to their questions are here.

Between you and me, I think this is just way to sell more T-shirts. Maybe I should be asking for a commission?

Oh, well...enjoy.






What's up with the extreme Spurs hate?

What do you mean, extreme? It's not like I've actually placed the orders for the Manu Ginobili voo-doo dolls or the gag boxes of douche with Tony Parker on the cover... yet. I just spend a couple hours a day online "chatting" with other Suns fans and happen to have an enormous on-hand inventory of t-shirts, hats and window stickers featuring a logo I created for fun that I sell online at Sure I host huge parties every time the Suns and Spurs play, but that's just to root for the Suns. It's not like it's a "bash the Spurs" event or anything. Look, I don't have a problem. Stop accusing me! Leave me alone!!!

We all get how hateable the Spurs are and certainly the Spurs have punked the Suns enough times over the past few years to warrant some hate but you guys seem to take it to an entirely new level. What's up with that?

Personally, I don't do anything in moderation. It's all-or-nothing. When my dad used to tell me to go mow the lawn, I would use the riding mower for the little strip in the front of the house. When my wife tells me to wash the dishes, I boil water and bring the pressure washer in from the garage. I just won't half-ass it.

But seriously, I f*cking hate the Spurs. It's not a dislike of their style, or a matter of being upset that they get a lot of the calls or being jealous. I am so sick and tired of the cheap plays and honestly the Suns finding a new way to lose to those bastards each and every year in the playoffs! And this past season really did it in for me. With the Shaq trade and the fact the Suns won the regular season series 3-1, getting down in the playoff series and with the whole Red Sox theory (of having to face your demon's head on from a point of no return),

I really thought that was going to be the year they climb back, beat the Spurs and win the NBA championship. But it didn't happen. And now the proverbial "window" is closing (on both teams) and it just won't be the same if this core group of guys doesn't beat that core group of gals in the playoffs.

Both teams are still competitive and the main players are still playing. If in 5 years the Lopez and Dragic-led Suns beat the Spurs with an old Tony Parker and four guys named Jorge, it won't feel like redemption. And that's what's up with the extreme-ness. I am a black hole that can only be filled by redemption.

Do you have room in your black hearts to hate anyone else? Lakers? Mavericks? Panda Bears?

The Suns have made the Lakers their b!tch for some time now in the playoffs. I enjoy a good Raja's horsecollaring of Kobe as much as the next guy, but they don't hold a candle to the hatred I have for the Spurs. The Mavericks are a joke. Yes, they got over on the Suns like once in recent years, and that was in the Western Conference Finals (if I remember correctly). No extreme bad blood there.

But don't you dare get me started on those God damn panda bears! I mean, come on - stop eating all the f*cking bamboo! Save some for the rest of the ecosystem, you selfish little fat bastards. And who are you trying to fool? You aren't disguising yourselves in the jungle with that black and white camouflage. Just goes to show how stupid those so-called "bears" really are. What a joke!

Putting down the hate-filled glasses, do you think the Spurs will rebound and contend or is their run over?

As much as I hate everything about the team and virtually every single individual player, coach, person on the medical staff, ticket booth workers, concession vendors, and even the guy who changes the blue breath mints in the urinals of the stadium, I respect the fact that they will find a way to remain extremely competitive for years to come.

All "Stern's favorite team" jokes aside, this franchise knows how to stay competitive for a LONG period of time. This run of theirs, as league assisted as it may seem, goes back to the David Robinson era. I have no doubt they will be a thorn in the side of every Western Conference team for years to come. Which is fine by me. I don't want the Suns to beat them when they are in a massive decline. I want the Suns to embarrass the crap out of them when they and their fans have expectations of winning it all. And that would give me enough redemption to sleep a little better at night.

Go Suns! San Antonio SUCKS!!

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