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Steve Nash - Pompous Ass

Blasphemy he says! But how else does one (being a Suns fan and not just a Nash nobbler) react otherwise to this comment:

Is Phoenix good enough that it can sit Nash for 12 games? “I don’t know,” Nash says. “Probably not.”

Doesn't Steve understand how poorly he played in the Spurs series last year and how much the Suns need him healthy and fresh in April and May - even if it costs a few games in December and January?

Doesn't The Producer get that as his time in the sun comes to an end that a new star will have to rise? (how's that for some cheesy solar allusions?)

Hey, like all fans of the Suns and basketball (and the planet earth) I love Steve Nash.  But this is comment was very unNash-like. 

Maybe Steve should try and be more humble like his teammate...or his step-brother.

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