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Today we are all Hornets

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Three years to the day that Katrina devastated a great American city and set in motion chain of events that lead to another minor disaster the citizens of New Orleans are facing yet another threat.




Let us hope as Matt Corn at Hardwood Paroxysm does that the disaster/gravitational pull that is Ron Artest will pull the storm off its present track.

And least you all think that in Phoenix we are spared from natural disasters here's a picture from behind my house after Thursday's thunderstorm hit with 100mph winds. My house is fine and we only lost power for about 24hrs. I am headed over to my friends house now to help out - her roof is gone.



None of this compares to what Katrina did and let's hope and pray that Gustav will somehow be satiated by gulf shrimp and crab and peter out before making landfall.

Today, we are all Hornets.


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